Puppy looking to the left

Meet Eva

We always love hearing from our customers! Sandra is a very sweet lady who needs her guide dog, Eva. Unfortunately, she is unable to clean up after Eva. LittleStinkers is proud to help her in caring for her dog:


I am extremely satisfied with your service.  Your prices are very fair.  I would love to offer a tip each time but unfortunately cannot afford to do that on a fixed income.  I have suggested that my housing management office keep your information for any other elderly or disabled tenant who might need your service.  Without you I could not have continued to have Eva and live here.  Thanks for doing such a great job.     

I know that my goofy Eva really appreciate your service even though the silly girl forgets that she’s supposed to be a well behaved trained guide dog.  Sometimes she just wants to act like a puppy and jump and play with you. 

Sandra and Eva

We constantly hear stories like this and others! Our services continually go beyond picking up dog poop, but actually help people care for their furry friends when they can’t.

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