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How to Pick up Dog Poop

We put together the most comprehensive study on the best ways to pick up/clean up dog poop. Ideally, you would not want to mess with dog poop, but dogs can’t be trained to use the toilet and your neighbor will get mad if you train your dog to poop in his yard. So, here is a list of what you can do to deal with dog poop. We have ordered these dog poop solutions from the least favorable to most favorable. Take a look!

5.) Put puppy pads on your floor. One of the strangest inventions of our day. Place the pads on the floor and let your dog poop and pee on it. 

Upside – There is no upside. 

Downside – The dog poops and pees in your house leaving an awful stench. You not only have to clean the poop but also the pee. Overflows could get messy and be costly if damages occur. You have to find ways to dispose of it yourself. 

Not the preferred method for anyone. 

4.) Ignore the poop. Many families have used this technic for centuries. Simply let your dogs poop in the yard and ignore the piles. 

Upside – You never have to willingly deal with the poop on your yard. 

Downside – The yard becomes unusable and/or you constantly have to deal with poop on your shoes. 

Not the preferred method if you use your yard or have children. 

3.) Use plastic bags. Another technique that has been around for a while (but not centuries). When your dog poops, place a plastic bag on your hand and pick up the poop. 

Upside – Poop gets cleaned up right away. 

Downside – Feeling the poop in your hand is enough to start the gag reflexes for most people. You also have to find a way to dispose of it yourself. 

Not the preferred method if you have a weak stomach or don’t what the smell lingering around your trashcans. 

2.) Use a pooper scooper. This is an enhancement of the plastic bag method. Follow the same steps in number 4 except use the extended arm and grabber to pick up the poop. 

Upside – This is much better for those with weak stomachs. 

Downside – You still have to dispose of the poop yourself. You also have to find a way to clean the pooper scooper so your garage doesn’t smell. 

Not the preferred method if you don’t know how to properly dispose of the poop. 

1.) Call LittleStinkers. The easiest way of cleaning your dog poop. Just call (317) 886-8455 and schedule your pickups. We do the rest. 

Upside – You never have to worry about cleaning your yard. You never have to deal with poop. You never have to properly dispose the poop. LittleStinkers has the lowest flat rate in the city. 

Downside – There is no downside. 

Preferred method for anyone who doesn’t like options 2-5.

If you didn’t know, now you do! Educate your dog loving friends!

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